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Can you identify the characters based on how they died?

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Killed by Sally Jackson with Medusa's head
Killed while destroying the Talos prototype from the inside
Struck by her father and poisoned by the Ladon
Faded away due to the destruction of nature
Stabbed and struck on the head during the Battle of the Labyrinth
Crushed by a giant during the Battle of the Labyrinth
Killed by Briares during the Battle of the Labyrinth
Sacrifices himself and allows Nico to take his soul
Killed while onboard the Princess Andromeda
Was on the Williamsburg Bridge when Percy destroyed it in the Battle of Manhattan
Dies during the Battle of Manhattan and reincarnates into a tree
Killed by the Lydian Drakon during the Battle of Manhattan
Killed by his own fragmented blade when he tries to kill Kronos
Takes his own life to prevent Kronos from reforming
Disolved and spread thin so as to never take concious form again

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