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Can you identify the characters based on how they died?

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Monster shot down by airplanes while climbing the Empire State Building.
Martial artist killed by his former student with the five point palm-exploding heart technique.
Man that was tortured, carried a wooden cross up a hill, and nailed to it.
Creature that fell into a volcano trying to get the One Ring.
Man that froze to death after his boat sunk so his love could stay above water.
Man screaming 'not the bees' as bees are forced to swarm on his face.
Astronaut that has a baby alien burst out of his stomach.
Woman stabbed to death in a motel shower
Gangster shot in the back by a shotgun after introducing people to his 'little friend'
Army captain shot while defending Ramelle's bridge in World War II
Scottish rebel beheaded after yelling out for FREEDOM!
Man shot in the face by a gangster and splattered all over his car
Weatherman who killed himself numerous times only to wake up again that same morning.
Supervillain pulled from his helicopter when his ankle ties to a gargoyle.
Terrorist shot in the shoulder and falls from a window of the Nakatomi Plaza Towers

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