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Can you identify the Phase 3 characters based on how they died?

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Blew himself up while trying to kill civilians in Lagos
Died of old age in her sleep
Assassinated in an explosion while supporting the Sokovia Accords
Willingly gave into her wounds after a fight with her former student
Absorbed by the Dark Dimension to receive 'eternal life'
Blown up by Star-Lord for killing his mom and breaking his Walkman
Sacraficed himself so Star-Lord could survive
Died after being exiled by Loki
Killed after betraying his master to rescue the Asgardians
Killed by Surtur on Asgard
Shot in the head and delivered to Wakanda
Dies looking at the horizon after a fight with Black Panther
Stabbed by Thanos for saving Hulk
Strangled by Thanos, several previous faked deaths
Thrown out of spaceship (like in that really old movie Aliens)
Thrown off a cliff by Thanos as a sacrafice to the Soul Stone
Ripped away from the Mind Stone… twice
Helped bring balance to the universe by turning to dust after Thanos' snap
Killed after Thor took his advice to go for the head
Throws herself off of the cliff to get the soul stone
Shot by her future self
Snapped out of existence after trying to invade Earth
Is killed by the infinity gems after he snaps to save Earth

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