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This type of food can be American, Swiss or blue.Cheese
This North American holiday is associated with a large feast, including turkey, cranberry sauce, and pie.Thanksgiving
This Pixar film follows a rat learning to be a chef.Ratatouille
This restaurant, founded in 1940, is now the most popular in the world.McDonald's
This drink was invented at the University of Florida to replenish water, carbs, and electrolytes in athletes.Gatorade
Michael Jackson lit his hair on fire in an infamous commercial for this drink.Pepsi
Many followers of Judaism follow this strict Jewish diet.Kosher
This children's book by Dr. Seuss was about one character trying to introduce a new food to another.Green Eggs and Ham
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Hell's Kitchen is a competition cooking show hosted by this man.Gordon Ramsay
Goulash is a creation and the national dish of this country.Hungary
In Spanish, this food is known as 'arroz'.Rice
We now associate it with theaters, but popcorn was eaten by this ancient American civilization for thousands of years.Inca
This man discovered genetics by working with peas.Gregor Mendel
In 2003, this singer announced that her milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard.Kelis
This 1982 arcade game allowed players to build hamburgers to crush enemies.BurgerTime

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