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This sporting league is the largest in Australia.Sports
This is the most populated Australian state.Geography
This popular children's music group formed in Sydney in the year 1991.Music
This successful film series starring Mel Gibson and Tom Hardy is created and set in Australia.Movies
This police drama is the longest running Australian drama of all time.Television
Fill in the blank: Common______ of AustraliaJust for Fun
This company is the largest mining company in the world.Miscellaneous
Before it was an independant country, Australia was part of this empire.History
This Australian 1991 novel follows two families known as the Lambs and the Pickles.Literature
After English, this is the most popular language in Australia.Language
This life-saving cardiac device was invented by Edgar H. Booth and Mark C. Liddell in 1928.Science
Australian game studio Halfbrick released this popular food-chopping mobile game in 2010.Gaming
These Australian brothers are successful actors, starring in works such as Westworld, Thor, and The Hunger Games.Entertainment
This branch of Christianity is the second most popular in the nation after Catholicism.Religion
Australia Day is celebrated on this day.Holiday

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