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Forced Order
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Song released on October 24th 2013debut
Who's born on Halloween?wizard
Doldol belongs to...?Tall
Who's Hansol's bestfriend?not in topp dogg
Bounce tattoo belongs to?bora
Let me hit thattattoo
When is A-Tom's Birthday?
Who was the artist who sang the song that Xero was singing when he wore his cow PJ's?Bad GIrls
Who composed cigarette?he's not here *wink wink*
who was supposed to be in BTS?Jin's lover
what was Topp dog's 4th music video?I can't believe you still don't know us
What team was Sangdo on for amadeus?No.40
What was the song Topp Dogg G sang in china?them feels
Who does all of topp dogg like?famous band
On show kpop what stage was b-joo watching for the mama's?sm
What group was Nakta supposed to be in?hyde
Who is Park Hyunho?food and throwing p-goon around
Who's the leader?easy one
Who's the best at sports?
A rapper who hasn't been mentioned yet in this quiz is?ya know this one. i believe in ya
Who was the underground rapper that is now an idol that yano looked up to?Woo
What was the name of Kidoh's title track?
how many times has b-joo coloured his hair?
Song released on October 24th 2014?
What did an mc say about a few of topp dogg's songs?They sound......
What song by a female artist did hansol dance to on live tv?Ga In
who was supposed to be part of big star?glasses
Who was a trainee under JYP?mistaken with a 17 member
Who is topp dog's 'stalker'?watch annie
Who is in topp dog's 'F4'a unit
who is topp dogg's female lead?a wizard
topp dogg's fanclub name?
Including the sub-unit groups, how many members are in topp dogg?

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