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Can you name the Otherland: City of Golden Shadow Characters?

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Main character; Amnesiac
Main characters friend; the fat one
Main characters friend; the skinny one
Boy in the simulation; Paul pursues him
South African teacher
Bushman student
Number 5's brother; goes into a coma
Number 5's and 7's father
The doctor who helps number 5
The doctor's butler; also her driver
Club owner who puts number 7 in a coma
Elderly hacker; lives in Treehouse
Friend of the doctor; revealed to be blind
Has porgeria; top of Middle Country; Thargor
Only friend of Thargor; actually a girl!
Ex-fighter pilot turned prisoner; eats soap
Little girl; friend of number 16; loves otters
Oldest person alive; leader of Otherland
Serial killer; henchman to number 18; can 'twist'
Heads Telemorphix; Unpopular with the rest of the Brotherhood
U.S. General; smokes cigars; member of the Brotherhood

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