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QUIZ: Can you name these games, only by some few hints?

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You play as a fast blue hedgehog
You play as a plumber from Italy
Said to be the horror franchise that kicked it all off
RPG, in which you fight by shooting yourself in the head. Weird right?
Platformer, in which you are a orange bandicoot. Probably guessed it already
Creepy as hell. Lots of fog
Series of games, where you catch creatures and put them in a miniature ball
Game where you mine and build a house, and maybe even a little society
Fighting game, with characters that have names like these: Hwoarang, Eddy and Steve
Series of games, where you run around in an open world, and shoot a lot of people. Come on, we all do!
Lets play the guitar! No, wait. Yeah we suck at that. Hey! Lets go pretend, and play _____________
You play as a man named Desmond, who kind of ''goes back in time'' and saves the world from ending. By the way, you have to be stealthy
Shooting games, where you shoot people. Yeah, thats your hint! Oh, and there has been too many sequels. It's the same thing, except for better graphics!
Game, where you take the role of Lee Everett, who tries to survive a zombie outbreak. Awesome game
You use a gun to shoot portals. Awesome enough, but the title is too easy to guess from this next sentence. THE CAKE IS A LIE.

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