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Can you name the the simpsons-Party posse Who sung it?

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Forced Order
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part of songanswer
we love to sweat and we love to sing
were real funky but not freating
were the best band in the world
but we would give it alll up for that special girl
special girrrrl
i saw u last night at the spelling bee
i knew right then it was LUV
i gotta spell out what ya meannn to me
cos i no longeer beee a silent GB
theres trouble in a far off nation
thats why iv gotta drop da bomb
your love is deadly than sadarm
part of songanswer
time to get in love formation
this party is happen its no marige
nioj eht yvan
so sing it again
Had a girl in every port From here to Barcelona
Stormed a lot of beaches But you're the one that I miss
But now I'm back to Springfield And girl I'm gonna phone ya
Let's get back together girl Let's reenlist
So sign me up for a hitch of love Recruit my heart
Four sweet years of love
They march all day and clean latreens all night
don't bust me down Let's re-up tonight

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