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Can you name the One Piece Characters (Water 7)?

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Forced Order
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Pirate who challenges the Straw Hats to a Davy Back fight
Marine Admiral with the ice-ice fruit
Conductor of the sea train, also a mermaid
Granddaughter of the former
Frog who tries to stop the sea train
Head of Galley-La
Galley-La foreman who uses rope
Galley-La foreman with hair that constantly sticks up
Large Galley-La foreman
Shipwright of the Straw Hats
Fishman shipwright who trained the former
Weakling leader of CP9
Member of CP9 with the leopard fruit
Member of CP9 who eatsa giraffe fruit
Member of CP9 with the wolf fruit
Member of CP9 wiho eats the bubble fruit
Member of CP9 with the door fruit
Member of CP9 who is prone to spilling secrets
Member of CP9 who can control his hair
Newest member of CP9, fights Franky on the sea train
Three-headed Judge at Enies Lobby
Giant at Enies Lobby
Giant at Enies Lobby
Member of CP7, is a chef who uses noodles to fight
Giant friend of Robin from Ohara
Robin's mother
Librarian of Ohara
Luffy's Grandfather and hero of the marines

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