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Can you name the One Piece Characters (Skypeia)?

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Forced Order
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Scheming pirate who loves Cherry Pie
Helmsman of the former's crew
Sniper of the former's crew
Doctor of the former's crew
Spring-Spring user known as 'The Hyena
First mate of the former
Warlord who the former two serve under
Salvage king who looks like an ape
Salvage King who looks like an orangutan
Ally of the Straw Hats who helps them reach Skypeia, wants to hear the bell ring
Ancestor of the former, known as a 'liar'
'God' of Skypeia
Ball-like vassal
Vassal , forgets normal functions
Vassal who uses barbed wire traps
Vassal who rides a giant bird
The sky knight of Skypeia
Bird/Horse that belongs to the Sky Knight
Woman who greets the Straw Hats upon their arrival
Father of the former
Leader of the Shandians
Ancestor of the former friend of Noland
Shandia child with strong 'mantra
Commander of the divine soldiers, has his back broken by Robin
Female Shandian warrior
Shandian Warrior with glasses. Tries to take on Enel
Captain of the White Berets

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