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Can you name the One Piece Characters (Paramount War)?

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Forced Order
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Warlord, Empress of Amazon Lily
Gorgon sister with Light brown hair
Gorgon sister with green hair
First Amazon that Luffy meets
Extremely tall Amazon
Amazon whose catchphrase is 'saga of...'
Former empress of Amazon lily
Vice Admiral who escorts Hancock to Impel Down
The Warden of Impel Down, has the poison fruit
Vice Warden of Impel Down
Former Jailer, joins Blackbeard's crew
Current Head Jailer
Female Chief Guard of Impel Down
Small Cheif Guard of Impel Down
Queen of Kambakka kingdom, lived in level 5.5
Assists the former has the scissor fruit
Whale Shark Fishman, former Warlord
Emperor with the quake-quake fruit
First division commander with the phoenix fruit
Third division commander with the diamond fruit
Fifth division commander who is a swordsman
Stabbed Whitebeard in the chest
Fleet Admiral with the Buddha fruit
Admiral with the magma fruit
Vice Admiral with the wash-wash fruit
Giant Vice Admiral
Giant member of the Blackbeard pirates
Giant member of the Whitebeard Pirates

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