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1st Century: The Roman conquest of Britain began under which emperor?
2nd Century: Which Emperor gave his name to a famous wall built in the north?
3rd Century: Which Germanic people raid the south-east coast?
4th Century: Saxons and what group of peoples from Scotland raided England?
5th Century: What year traditionally marks the end of Roman Britain?
6th Century: This century marks the beginning of the Heptarchy, where England was split into Seven Kingdoms. Name one.
7th Century: The Synod of Whitby aligns the English with the Roman style of which religion?
8th Century: The Vikings attack which Monastery ?
9th Century: Which Great English king ruled in this century?
10th Century: Which king unites the Heptarchy to form the Kingdom of England?
11th Century: William the Conqueror became king following his victory at which famous battle?
12th Century: The Anarchy was a civil war that took place during which king's reign?
13th Century: King John signed which notable document in 1215?
14th Century: Wat Tyler led what rebellion in 1381?
15th Century: What name is given to a series of civil wars between the House of Plantagenet and the House of York?
16th Century: Which monarch initiated the English Reformation?
17th Century: The Great Fire of London started in which street?
18th Century: The Act of Settlement required that all English Monarchs be what kind of Christian?
19th Century: William Gladstone held which political postion 4 times?
20th Century: Anthony Eden was involved in which 1956 crisis?
21st Century: London hosts what competition for the 3rd time?

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