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Can you name which continent is the answer to the following questions?

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Where is Mount Ngauruhoe? (Hint..also known fictionally as Mount Doom)
Where was the first airport to introduce air traffic control?
Which continent is the hottest?
Which continent was the telephone invented in?
Which continent is the most populated?
Which continent is the flattest?
Which continent is the worlds largest gold producer?
Which three continents does the equator pass through? (In alphabetical order and with no punctuation)
Which three continents did the Ottoman Empire cover? (In alphabetical order with no punctuation)
Which continent has the most Spanish speaking countries?
Where is the Pulpit Rock?
Which continent has the highest GDP (nominal)
Which continent has the highest peak on earth
Which continent is the driest?
Which continent has the highest life expectancy?
Which continent has the most tourists?
Where is the oldest existing university?
Which continent is the most mountainous?
Where is Iceland?
Which continent has the most rainfall?
Which continent is the least populated?
Where was the Holy Roman Empire?
Where was chocolate first produced?
Which continent is the coldest?
Where was the 3D printer invented?
Where was the first dinosaur fossil found?
Which continent is most affected by natural disasters?
Which continent has the highest number of internet users?
Where is the oldest surviving train station?
Which continent has the most countries?

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