All Psychic-Type Pokemon moves (Gen VII)

Can you name the Psychic-Type Pokemon moves in Gen 7?

Classic Type in answers that appear in a list
Added EffectMovePower
May confuse Target65
May confuse Target50
May lower Target's Sp Defense by 1 Stage90
Puts Target to SleepStatus
Raises user's Attack by 1 StageStatus
Raises user's Speed by 2 StagesStatus
Makes user flee from wild battleStatus
Raises user's Defense by 2 StagesStatus
Boosts user and allies Sp Defense for 5 TurnsStatus
Raises user's Sp Defense by 2 StageStatus
Boosts user and allies Defense for 5 TurnsStatus
Drops Target's accuracy by 1 StageStatus
Drains HP, can only be used of Target asleepStatus
Deals random damageVaries
User falls asleep to fully healStatus
Deals double damage back if user hit by Special MoveStatus
Deals damage 2 turns later120
Swaps user and Target's items aroundStatus
Copies Target's AbilityStatus
Reflects back Status MovesStatus
Swaps user and Target's AbilitiesStatus
Added EffectMovePower
Prevents Target from using moves the user hasStatus
May lower Target's Sp Defense by 1 Stage70
May lower Target's Sp Attack by 1 Stage70
Raises user's Defenses by 1 StageStatus
May cause flinching80
Raises user's Sp Attack and Sp Defense by 1 StageStatus
Drops user's Sp Attack by 2 Stages140
Drops Flying Pokemon to the groundStatus
Makes user hit Dark Types with Psychic Type movesStatus
User faints and replacement Pokemon is fully healedStatus
Passes user's Status condition to TargetStatus
Prevents Target from healingStatus
Swaps user's Attack and Defense aroundStatus
Swaps user and Target's Offenses aroundStatus
Swaps user and Target's Defenses aroundStatus
Swaps user and Target's Stats aroundStatus
High Crit Ratio70
May cause flinching80
Reverses Speed movement for 5 turnsStatus
User faints and replacement Pokemon is fully healedStatus
User and Target's Defenses are sharedStatus
Added EffectMovePower
User and Target's Offenses are sharedStatus
Defense and Sp Defense are swapped around for 5 turnsStatus
Deals Physical Damage80
Makes Target Airborne but unable to dodge attacksStatus
Items wear off for 5 turnsStatus
Only affects Targets of the same type of the user120
Deals more damage with more stat boosts20
Swaps user with AllyStatus
Heals TargetStatus
May cause flinching60
Deals Physical Damage100
Never misses, bypasses protect80
Creates a TerrainStatus
Swaps user and Target's Speed aroundStatus
Makes Target use last move again.Status
Mew's Z-Move, Creates Psychic Terrain 185
Breaks Barriers e.g. Aurora Veil 85
Makes user Recharge160
Uses whichever stat of the user is highest100
Ultra Necrozma's Z-Move, uses highest stat, ignores target's ability200

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