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Can you name the Normal-Type Pokemon moves in Gen 7?

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Added EffectMovePower
Multi-Hit Move15
Multi-Hit Move18
Collects Money After Battle40
2-Turn Move, High Crit Ratio80
Raises Attack by 2 StagesStatus
Swaps Target OutStatus
Traps Target15
May Cause Flinching65
May Cause Flinching70
Multi-Hit Move15
May Paralysis Target 85
Traps Target15
Causes Recoil90
2-3 Turn move, Self-inflicted Confusion120
Causes Recoil120
Reduces Target's Defense by 1 StageStatus
Reduces Target's Defense by 1 Stage Status
Reduces Target's Attack by 1 StageStatus
Swaps Target OutStatus
Puts Target to SleepStatus
Causes ConfusionStatus
Causes 20 HP to TargetFixed
Disables Target's last moveStatus
Makes User Recharge150
Nothing, 80
Raises Attack and Sp Attack by 1 StageStatus
+1 Priority40
Builds rage20
Copies Target's moveStatus
Reduces Target's Defense by 2 Stages Status
Raises Evasion by 1 StageStatus
Recovers HPStatus
Raises Defense by 1 StageStatus
Raises Evasion by 2 StagesStatus
Reduces Target's Accuracy by 1 Stage Status
Raises Defense by 1 StageStatus
Raises Crit RatioStatus
Stores for 2 turns, deals damage backVaries
Uses a random moveVaries
User Faints200
2-Turn Move, Raises Defense by 1 130
Multi-Hit Move20
May lower opponent's speed10
Recovers HPStatus
Paralyses target Status
Multi-Hit Move15
Puts Target to SleepStatus
Added EffectMovePower
Transforms into TargetStatus
May Confuse Target70
Reduces Target's Accuracy by 1 StageStatus
Does NothingStatus
User Faints250
Multi-Hit Move18
May Cause Flinching80
Raises Attack by 1 StageStatus
Changes type to match first moveStatus
May Freeze, Burn or Paralysis80
Halves Target's remaining HPVaries
High Crit Ratio70
Creates a SubsituteStatus
Causes Recoil, 0PP move50
Permanently copies last moveStatus
Makes next move hitStatus
Sleep-Only Move, May cause flinching50
Bigger Power with less HPVaries
Changes type to resisting moveStatus
Protects AttacksStatus
Reduces Target's Speed by 2 StagesStatus
Reduces HP for +6 AttackStatus
Allows to hit Ghost types Status
All Pokemon on field faint in 3 turnsStatus
Makes next move hitStatus
Makes you survive with 1 HPStatus
Makes the target survive with 1 HP40
Raises target's attack, causes confusionStatus
Recovers HPStatus
Traps TargetStatus
Causes InfuationStatus
Random move when asleepStatus
Heals Status ConditionsStatus
Higher Power with Max FriendshipVaries
Various Power, may Heal TargetVaries
Higher Power with Min FriendshipVaries
Prevents Status ConditionsStatus
Opponent and yours HP is sharedStatus
Passes stat raises to a new PokemonStatus
Makes Target use the same move Status
Removes entry hazards etc.20
Reduces Target's Evasion by 2 StagesStatus
Recovers HP, more HP in SunlightStatus
Varies in Type60
Copies Target's Stats Status
+2 Priority80
Causes Flinching. Only usable on turn 140
3-Turn Move. Prevents sleep.90
Raises both Defenses by 1 stageStatus
Stockpile AttackVaries
Stockpile RecoveryStatus
More damage with a Status condition70
Cures Paralysis70
Makes user Centre of AttentionStatus
Various movesVaries
Boosts ally'a moveStatus
Heals user or ally next turnStatus
Selects a random move from partyVaries
Gives back a used itemStatus
Causes sleep next turnStatus
Added EffectMovePower
Drops target's HP to yoursVaries
Heals a Status conditionStatus
Effect changes by surroundings 70
Changes type by surroundingsStatus
Confuses TargetsStatus
Recovers HPStatus
May lower target's Defense be 1 Stage 75
Change type depending on weather50
Allows to hit Ghost types Status
Reduces Target's Attack and DefensStatus
Traps TargetStatus
Raises Attack by 1 StageStatus
Steals opponent's item60
Power and Type varies with held berryVaries
+2 Priority, Hits through Protect30
Raises a Random Stat by 2 StagesStatus
Higher power with fewer PPVaries
Higher power with higher target's HPVaries
Prevents Critical HitsStatus
Uses target's move firstStatus
Uses last move usedStatus
Only usable when other moves are used140
Makes User Recharge150
May Cause Confusion90
Lowers Sp Attack for opposite genderStatus
Changes type to match Plate100
Hits twice35
Higher power with higher target's HPVaries
Changes Target's Ability to SimpleStatus
Changes Target's Ability to yoursStatus
Makes target move firstStatus
Increases in power if more allies use it60
Increases in power if used consecutively 40
Ignore's target's Defense Boosts70
Lowers Defenses to increase OffensesStatus
Changes Type to match TargetsStatus
Deals double damage if ally fainted70
Give Held Item to TargetStatus
Raises Attack and Sp Attack by 1 StageStatus
Multi-Hit Move25
Causes Recoil120
Changes type to match Drive120
May Cause Sleep75
Reduces Target's Offenses by 1 StageStatus
Drops Targets Attack, bypasses protect Status
Drops Targets Sp Attack, bypasses protect Status
Gives out more money afterwardsStatus
Does NothingStatus
Does NothingStatus
Makes the target survive with 1 HP40
Makes Target Centre of AttentionStatus
Makes next move CritStatus
Changes type to match primary type90
Snorlax's Z-Move210
Eevee's Z Move, Raises Stats by 2 stagesStatus
Drops Target's Offenses, bypasses protectStatus
Changes type to match Memory90

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