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Can you name the Ghost-Type Pokemon moves in Gen 7?

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Added EffectMovePower
Deals Damage equal to user's levelFixed
Causes ConfusionStatus
May Paralyze Target 30
Damages a Sleeping opponent over timeStatus
Effect varies from type to typeStatus
Reduces PP of Target's last moveStatus
Makes Target faint is user faintsStatus
May lower Target's Sp Defense80
Depletes All PP of Target's last move if user faintsStatus
May make Target Flinch30
Never Misses60
High Crit Ratio70
+1 Priority40
Added EffectMovePower
May Raise all of the user's Stats by 1 Stage60
2-Turn Move, Breaks through Protect120
Deals double damage if Target has a Status65
2-Turn Move, Breaks through Protect90
Adds Ghost-Type to TargetStatus
Traps Target80
Decidueye's Z-Move180
Marshadow's Z-Move195
May Lower Target's Defense by 1 Stage85
Steals Target's Stat Boosts90
Ignores Target's Ability100
Lunala's Z-Move, Ignores Target's Ability200

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Tags:Pokémon Quiz, effect, gen, gen 7, power, vii

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