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Can you name the Fighting-Type Pokemon moves Gen 7?

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Added EffectMovePower
High Crit Ratio50
2-Hit Attack30
Damages user if misses100
May make Target Flinch60
Causes Recoil80
More damage with heavier targetVaries
Deals double damage back if hit by Physical MoveVaries
Damage equal to user's levelFixed
Damages user if misses130
3-Hit Attack10
Higher damage lower user's HPVaries
+1 Priority40
Protects userStatus
Confuses Target100
-1 Priority, Never misses70
High Crit Ratio100
May lower Target's Defense by 1 Stage40
-3 Priority, Fails is user is hit that turn150
Drops user's Attack and Defense by 1 Stage120
Deals double damage if user takes damage60
Breaks barriers e.g Reflect75
Multi-Hit Attack15
Added EffectMovePower
Can hit Targets using Fly etc.85
Raises user's Attack and Defense by 1 StageStatus
Wakes Target Up70
Drops user's Speed by 1 Stage100
Drops user's Defenses by 1 Stage120
May paralysis Target60
Never Misses80
Drains HP75
+1 Priority40
May lower Target's Sp Defense by 1 Stage 120
Always Crits60
Drops Target's Speed by 1 Stage65
Protects Allies from Priority MovesStatus
Swaps Target60
User faints and Target takes Damage equal to current HPFixed
Ignores Defense Boosts90
Deals Physical Damage85
Deals Fighting and Flying Damage100
Protects Allies from Damaging MovesStatus
Raises user's Attack by 1 Stage40

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