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Which Brittish Premier League Club has the most Premier League Titles?
Name a skateboard trick
Who is responsible for the 'Hand of God'?
What is the Capital City of Liberia?
Name a Vegetable
Who is the main rival of Sherlock Holmes?
Name an US President
What is the name of the whale in the book written by the author Herman Melville 'The Whale'?
Name a Queen bandmember
The plane that was shot down in Ukraine flew under which airlinecompany?
From which painter is the painting 'Impression, Sunrise'?
In which city is the 'Red Square'?
Name a famous nomadic Kenyan tribe
What is the biggest monkey in the world?
James Hetfield is the front man of which band?
What cocktail consists of 50% tequila, 29% Cointreau and 21% fresh lime juice?
How do you call the rain season in West Africa and Asia-Australian?
Which former Yugoslavian dictator died on 11 March 2006?
What is the name of the official northern Chinese dialect?
Name an F1 Champion

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