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A person selected to rule on the plays in a game
Of or relating to a bear or bears
Existing as the only one or as the sole example; single; solitary in type or characteristics
To, toward, or in a more elevated position
Compelling or requiring immediate action or attention; imperative; pressing
Very unattractive or unpleasant to look at; offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance
A small, guitarlike musical instrument associated chiefly with Hawaiian music
A large or decorative vase, especially one with an ornamental foot or pedestal
To remove violently or tear away from a native place or environment
To give audible expression to; speak or pronounce
A single thing or person
A flushable wall fixture, as in a public lavatory, used by men for urinating
To join, combine, or incorporate so as to form a single whole
A vehicle with one wheel, especially a pedal-driven device kept upright and steered by body balance, commonly used by acrobats and other performers
The totality of known or supposed objects and phenomena throughout space; the cosmos; macrocosm
Beneath the surface of the ground
A mamma or mammary gland, especially when baggy and with more than one teat, as in cows
The liquid-to-semisolid waste matter excreted by the kidneys, in humans being a yellowish, slightly acid, watery fluid
Habitual or customary
Sad; miserable; wretched
Any of the instruments or vessels commonly used in a kitchen, dairy, etc.
Of, relating to, or designating a city or town
To employ for some purpose; put into service
A mythical creature resembling a horse, with a single horn in the center of its forehead
An ideal place or state; any visionary system of political or social perfection
Drawers or shorts worn under outer clothing, usually next to the skin
To bring (a book, figures, or the like) up to date as by adding new information or making corrections
To lay bare; disclose; reveal
An identifying outfit or style of dress worn by the members of a given profession, organization, or rank
A light, small, portable, usually circular cover for protection from rain or sun, consisting of a fabric held on a collapsible frame of thin ribs radiating from the top of a handle
To disturb mentally or emotionally; perturb
A brother of one's father or mother
Optimistic; happy; cheerful
Last; furthest or farthest; ending a process or series
Any echinoderm of the class Echinoidea, having a somewhat globular form, and a shell composed of many calcareous plates covered with projecting spines, usually residing underwater

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