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The quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance
A mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, and minute amounts of other gases that surrounds the earth and forms its atmosphere
A paid announcement, as of goods for sale, in newspapers or magazines, on radio or television, etc.
A domesticated South American ruminant, Lama pacos, having long, soft, silky fleece, related to the llama and believed to be a variety of the guanaco
Any of several burrowing, chiefly nocturnal mammals constituting the family Dasypodidae, ranging from the southern US through South America
The smallest component of an element having the chemical properties of the element, consisting of a nucleus containing combinations of neutrons and protons
An instrument with a bladed head on a handle or helve, used for hewing, cleaving, chopping, etc.
Any of a group of anthropoid primates characterized by long arms, a broad chest, and the absence of a tail
A large cage or a house or enclosure in which birds are kept
The typically ovoid fruit or nut of an oak, enclosed at the base by a cupule
The usually round, red or yellow, edible fruit of a small tree, Malus sylvestris, of the rose family
Any member of a class of words that modify nouns and pronouns, primarily by describing a particular quality of the word they are modifying
A device for making arithmetic calculations, consisting of a frame set with rods on which balls or beads are moved
Something done or performed
A passenger vehicle designed for operation on ordinary roads and typically having four wheels and a gasoline or diesel internal-combustion engine
A person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength
Any of numerous black, red, brown, or yellow social insects of the family Formicidae, of worldwide distribution especially in warm climates
Any of the thousands of small bodies of from 480 miles to less than one mile in diameter that revolve about the sun in orbits lying mostly between those of Mars and Jupiter
Any of various devices dropped by a chain, cable, or rope to the bottom of a body of water for preventing or restricting the motion of a vessel or other floating object
Either of two broad-snouted crocodilians of the southeastern US and eastern China
A specially equipped motor vehicle for carrying sick or injured people, usually to a hospital
A person engaged in or trained for spaceflight
A garment covering part of the front of the body and tied at the waist, for protecting the wearer's clothing
A heavier-than-air craft kept aloft by the upward thrust exerted by the passing air on its fixed wings and driven by propellers, jet propulsion, etc.
A person who shoots with a bow and arrow
To unite or join so as to increase the number, quantity, size, or importance
A pale yellow, sometimes reddish or brownish, fossil resin of vegetable origin
A skilled performer of gymnastic feats, as walking on a tightrope or swinging on a trapeze
The letters of a language in their customary order
The science, art, or occupation concerned with cultivating land, raising crops, and feeding, breeding, and raising livestock
One of a class of spiritual beings; a celestial attendant of God
A slender, straight, generally pointed missile or weapon made to be shot from a bow and equipped with feathers at the end of the shaft near the nock, for controlling flight
The upper limb of the human body, especially the part extending from the shoulder to the wrist
Every time; on every occasion; without exception
A compound usually having a sour taste and capable of neutralizing alkalis and reddening blue litmus paper

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