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Can you name the people, places and things about the Byzantine Empire (from A-Z)?

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This emperor stabilized the empire and oversaw the passage of the First Crusade through its landsA
Founder of the Macedonian Dynasty which ruled over Byzantine's most prosperous eraB
Capital city of the Byzantine EmpireC
Creator of the Tetrarchy and retired from the throne in 305D
Another name for the Byzantine EmpireE
This event led to the sacking of the capital in 1204F
A natural harbor on the Bosphorus River that provided protection for Byzantine shipsG
After completion of this great church, the 'J' emperor (below) uttered 'Solomon, I have surpassed thee.'H
Production of these was controversial during the 8th and 9th centuriesI
Achieved lasting fame by completely revising the Roman LawsJ
Name of the political dynasty that halted the decline of the empire in the 11th and 12th centuriesK
This well read emperor was nicknamed 'The Wise'L
The empire began to go into a state of decline after the reign of the emperor during the 12th century M
Name of the riots that took place in 532 that resulted in nearly half of the capital being destroyedN
Name of the empire that conquered the Byzantine EmpireO
This emperor usurped the throne from Maurice and was usurped himself by HeracliusP
This emperor was arrested by his sons when it was apparent he wouldn't name either his successorR
Group of Turks that the Byzantines were at war with for nearly 300 yearsS
Wife of the 'J' emperor (above)T
The inability of these Caliphate to take the capital resulted in them conquering North Africa insteadU
This group of people was hired to protect the emperor and fought as mercenaries in the armyV
A complex series of these served as the primary defense of the capitalW
Was emperor when the Western half of the empire finally collapsedZ

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