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QUIZ: Can you name the Family guy by questions?

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What is Mort goldman's son name?
After Horace died who bought the Drunken Clam?
Before Peter, Lois slept with a__________
Carter __________
What is Miley Cyrus dark secret?
Stewie saved Brian's life with a
Peter was born in ____________
Peter's Real father is ___________
What is Lois religion?
What is Brian's religion
QuestionAnswer or Filled Blank
What is 'Mrs. Stewie' Real name?
Who is Peter's boss in season 1?
Who is Peter's boss Now?
Who says 'No, no, no' in a mexican accent?
Black man that speaks real fast?
While triying to get girls Brian, messes with the time machine and Reverts _________
^And that why, Stewie was almost ____________
Peter fights Ernie the giant chicken because, he gave him an ___________
Who created Ernie on accident?
Not Smart...AT ALL!!!

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