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Forced Order
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An imaginary heaven on earth
Someone who recreates a person, and then falls in love with their own creation
Any final attempt, competition or success
An extravagantly chivalrousness or romantic person who is often impractical or irrational
Strong, non-sexual love or emotional feelings
A handsome, knightly type in pursuit of a single lady.
Small people. Or a small or insignificant situation or thing. (starts with L)
A person who believes that the end justifies the means; any lives lost are collateral damage.
Something that looks pleasant on the outside, but actually harbors a dark secret
Something someone obsessively pursues
marked by a senseless, disorienting, often menacing complexity
A complex machine that performs a simple action.
An unusual attachment to the parent of the opposite sex
Small people, or a small or insignificant situation or idea
An oppressive society. A government controlled dystopia
The idea that you will always rise to the level of your incompetence
When someone is willing to sacrifice anything, even themselves, for what they believe in, they can be described as this
A huge or monstrous creature. Originally referenced in the bible
An uncivilized person who seems to have a higher moral standard than 'civilized' society
Something that affects world affairs

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