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Can you name the episodes from Seasons 1 and 2 of Regular Show based on the quote?

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Forced Order
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QuoteEpisodeWho Said It
'Now, how do you wanna get outta here? The Death Jump or the Death Dump?'
'Now shovel some cheese curls into my trash hole!'
'Is this the pizza guy or Stan Stanminson?'
'We're in the future, bros! There's gotta be a time machine.'
'Didn't you learn that in high school?'
'Wait, wait. We suck, and if you're us, doesn't that mean you suck too?'
'Hey, if hiring a guy to do all my work and paying them a small part of my paycheck while I go get a meatball sub is a scam, then this is a huuuuuge scam!'
'Ten bucks says we can make a better video than yours by the end of the week.'
'Just dream about something else then. Dream like you're a tough guy or something.'
'Warriors carry the Immunity Sword, which is immune to all rule changes!'
'I still think we should've had a sports tournament. If this movie night fails, which I know it will, I've got my sports gear here as a back-up plan.'
'Everyone, this is Susan. She'll be taking over Beanton's duties at the park.'
'Two words: Playco Armboy.'
'Do us a solid and do your solid!'
'Yes, yes. Quite illegal. In here, it is forbidden to give speeches just as it is forbidden to not enjoy ice cream.'
'You've wasted my time, your time, and you really wasted the time of that guy you killed. He's dead.'
'No no, I don't want to hear it! I don't know what was on that tape or why those guys were after it but I'm gonna get to the bottom of this. You've ruined karaoke night!'
'Oh, who unleashed the Destroyer of Worlds? Good show!'
'You think you're so smart, don't you? Oh, look at me, I'm Skips, I know everything 'cause I'm so old. Let me tell you how to fix your problems in a really lame way!'
'Look. I have to tell you the truth. I have a condition that makes me forget everything in times of extreme stress.'
QuoteEpisodeWho Said It
'You guys shouldn't be doing what you just did.'
'I don't mean to brag, I don't mean to boast, but here's some hummus for these mini-toasts!'
'That's the only way to get rid of unicorns.'
'Row Z, seats 97, 98, and 99!'
'I watch Planet Chasers: Starlight Excellent all day, every day. All day, every day.'
'Okay, look. I'm not supposed to say this but, if you really wanna get into the party, I can turn you into ghosts.'
'Mordecai! Rigby! Did you hear? There's to be a blizzard this afternoon!'
'See? It's true what they say. One man's trash is another man's pleasure.'
'The Hammer? Nobody gets to The Hammer, but even if you did, I don't have a TV.'
'Aw yeah, baby. You know I love it when you destroy property.'
'We already went over this, Pops. You pay taxes with money, not lollipops.'
'I can't wait to eat that greasy pig.'
'How do you get negative points? How is that even possible?'
'They made a baby duck milk waterfall!'
'What?! You can't explode my brain! That's gotta be illegal.'
'Aw, man. I guess that's why Benson told me not to grill.'
'What are you doing? Are you trying to throw your backs out? You don't lift like that. That's what Bobby's for.'
'Dude, it sounds like old man pants.'
'I learned that Mordecai can go for a really long time without blinking.'
'Ah, cool, a contract, let's sign it!'

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