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Can you name the characters in Little Britain USA?

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Character ClueCharacterPlayed By
Weight loss instructor for 'Fat Fighters'Matt Lucas
Loves her mom more than...Matt Lucas
Owns a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named 'Mr. Doggy'David Walliams
She's a lady, she does lady's thingsDavid Walliams
She's on a cruise to Rio de JaneiroMatt Lucas
'Computer says no'David Walliams
The only gay on campusMatt Lucas
Isn't afraid to discuss her life with her grandsonMatt Lucas
Listens to his grandmother talk about life in her dayDavid Walliams
Character ClueCharacterPlayed By
The eigth man on the moonDavid Walliams
A loveless couple who have been married '40 Glorious Years'David Walliams and Matt Lucas
The Prime Minister of the UK, who has a thing for the US PresidentDavid Walliams
Teenage girl who got sent to boot camp after being thrown out of Disney WorldMatt Lucas
Looks after his crippled friendDavid Walliams
Sits in a wheelchair and is very demandingMatt Lucas
University counsellor who describes student inappropriately to MartinDavid Walliams
He wants his 'Bitty'David Walliams
Body-building 'Gym Buddies' who have, er...problemsDavid Walliams and Matt lucas

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