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Can you name the Batman Arkhamverse characters?

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Gotham's Dark Knight
Assistant from the clocktower
Old sidekick, ally
GCPD commissioner
Psychotic Clown
Seductive sidekick
Man of many faces
2 sides to every coin
The Man that broke the Bat
Dr Bruja
He may need a HAND with his next murder
After fear is only, Oblivion!
If you find the name, does the Cash come hand in hand?
Never misses
He is his own boss and he is hungry!
He ALMOST blew up Pioneers Bridge
Master Assassin
The best mercenary around.
Ex Warden and Ex Mayor
1 hit wonder. Electrifying!
Snake in the shadows
The liberator of life
The owner of everything
The green siren
The Alleycat
The strange overseer
The Demons head
Daughter of the demon
The original criminal kingpin of Gotham
Watcher in the wings
Heart of Ice
Lean green question machine
These guys should never be apart
The identity Thief
Born on a Monday,Christened on Tuesday
Relentless Vigilante
Mysterious Villain

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