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Amare Stoudamire! Winner of the _______ lottery!
Dale Davis, pick ONE _____ foot, PLEASE!
Come on, that was no ____! It may be a violation of all the basic rules of human decency, but it's not a ____.
Greg ________ is one of the top centers on this planet.
If Eric __________ continues playing at this level, he's going to replace Jerry West on the NBA logo.
Growing up, my parents were very, very strict. And then I went to ____ with John Wooden, who was just off the charts.
I'm __________. Always have been.
Hey I'm for anything that keeps Charlie ____ out the game
If Anthony Johnson ever gets a ______, who's going to stop him?
My _____ is so nasty. I mean, it's the only _____ in the history of Western Civilization that makes Bob Dylan's _____ look good.
Mick Jagger is in better shape than far too many NBA players. It's up in the air whether the same can be said of _____ ________.
QuoteMissing word
Olden ________, make a layup pleeeeeeeaaaaaasssseee!
Kareem Abdul Jabbar: His left leg belongs in the ___________.
Shaq's _________ is an insult to people who think.
The art of tossing up the jump ball has really declined. These _________ need to spend more time practicing in the offseason.
The only way _____ Schayes is getting into the hall of fame is if he pays the $5.99 admission fee.
Tractor Traylor is treating this game like a ______ line.
Yesterday we celebrated Sir Isaac Newton's discovery of gravity. Today, Fabricio ______ is defying it.
Being with Chick _____ was like walking through Yosemite with John Muir, coming down the Grand Canyon with John Wesley Powell, standing at Gettysburg with Abraham Lincoln.
You look at Vladimir __________, this guy is cut from stone. It's as if Michelangelo were reading and a lightning bolt flashed before him.
When I think of Boris Diaw, I think of _________ in the age of the romantics.
_____ __ ____ big man..._____ __ ____

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