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The brother of Billy Gunn
The 5-Time WCW Champion and King of the Ring winner
Who eliminated Sid from Royal Rumble 1992?...With help from Hulk Hogan
Who won the first ever Elimination Chamber?
Who worked with Test in T&A?
Which city is William Regal from?
What bit Randy Savage?
Al Snow, Blue Meanie and Hardcore Holly were all members of which stable?
It's ___ time!
Shawn Michaels' manager?
The 'B' in J.B.L stands for...
Who had 'Mattitude'?
Mosh was sometimes known as...
Who had the theme song 'Who I am?'
Nunzio was the leader of _____
Who owned Matilda?
Name one of 'The Twin Towers'
This guy was 'Rowdy' before rowdy was cool!
What does everybody want?!
Who won Royal Rumble 2007
_____ sings Brodus Clay's theme song
Ax, Smash and Crush were known as...Managed by Mr. Fuji
Golga used to wear a T-Shirt with a picture of....
What was Sable's finnisher?Meow!
Who was the first person to beat Kurt Angle?
Michael McGillicutty's father was?
Name one of the Radicalz
Longest reigning Intercontinental Champion is
How many times did Goldberg hold the WWE World Championship?
Kevin Thorn was also...
What was the era named between the years 1994-1998?
Who used to say 'Aint I Great?'
Who holds the record of most eliminations in a single Royal Rumble?
Who was the first WWE/WWF/WCW and ECW champion?
Who was 'The Marine'?The film
Who was Hardcore Champion more times than anybody else?
The Blue Blazer was also known as
Which PPV did Y2J become Undisputed Champion?
Wrestlemania XVI was named...
Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love are also known as...

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