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What document was the Constitutional Convention called to revise?
Two people called the Convention. They are?
In what city was the Convention held?
What State did not send delegates to the Convention?
Who was elected President of the Convention?
James Madison created, and Edmund Randolph proposed, which plan that stipulated representation proportional to population in the national legislature?
Conversely, William Patterson introduced which plan that had equal representation?
What was the compromise between these two plans called?
This plan established the national legislature. What is it called?
What is the chamber of Congress where seats are distributed according to population?
How long are the terms for Representatives?
What is the chamber that has equal representation among all the states?
How long are the terms for Senators?
What was the compromise that settled the question of the representation of slaves?
What was instituted to elect the President and Vice-President?
Once the Constitution was written, which two groups argued over its ratification?
What document was written to settle the debate over ratification? It contains the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution.

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