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(When was the gospel of Mark written?)
(Mark is the ______ gospel, and does not move chronologically.)
(The author of Mark's gospel was of ______ descent.)
(Jesus is the _______ sacrifice and the perfect new covenant)
Both John the Baptist and Elijah _______________.
Jesus' enemies accused him of blasphemy for _______)
(What is the symbol for Mark's Gospel
(What is the most frequent title used for Jesus in the book of Mark)
(The author of Mark's gospel probably got information from what apostle?)
Jesus got very upset when people were selling things in front of what?)
(What emperor persecuted Christians at the time of Mark's Gospel?)
(the meaning of the word parable is to ________)
(The Jewish Council of religious authorities who put Jesus on trial)
In what book of the Bible can you find the Suffering Servant song)
(The Jewish high priest who accused Jesus of Blasphemy
(There is a scene of urgency in mark's gospel, as shown by the common use of the word ______)
For the Jews, the ___ ___ represented freedom in the Promise Land)
(____ comes from the Hebrew word for 'obstacle')
A ___ ___ declared that Jesus was truly the Son of God at the Crucifixicion)
__ was released instead of Jesus)
___ ___ was the first event in Mark's gospel after the prologue)
________ and faith are intimately linked when Jesus performs miracles.)
Jesus is the perfect everlasting ______
For Jesus, the Messiah is a _____)
(The sacrament of ______ initiates Christians into the Paschal Mystery)
The Sacrament of __________ re-represents baptism to us)
The Gospel of Mark ends quite abruptly to ________ us to spread the gospel ourselves)
Whomever wished to come after me must deny himself, take up his ______ and follow me.')
(Jesus' name is a Greek translation of this Old Testament figure)
(How much does Jesus love you?)

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