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How many basketball hoops are at Riot?
'______ your teeth' is painted on a wall at Defender
What animal is depicted on the helicopter at Defender?
A ____ medal is earned by getting 4 uninterrupted kills in the kill feed.
A 20 kill streak is called a _______.
Medal earned when killing an enemy with a Vulcan.
This gun is unlocked at level 34.
The Chicanery is an elite version of what gun?
The Heavy Weapon with the best in class accuracy is the ______.
EMP Grenades are unlocked once you reach level ____.
The last Wildcard that is unlocked is ______.
A bloodshed helmet lasts for _____ ______.
This map has 24/7 Gameplay.
The Red Baron cap lasts ______ minutes.
This gun was originally the only gun used in Infected.
This gamemode's objective is to score a disc into the opponent's goal.
How many points are required to obtain a Remote Turret with Sentry on it?
What is the name of an Elite Bal-27?
A ______ ______ is acheived after getting 30 gun/melee kills.
A _______ grenade allows you to switch which type of grenade you want to use before you launch it?
The 'Speakeasy' has how many bullets in a magazine?
Exo ______ is unlocked at level 33.
Exo ________ allows you to temporarily generate health beyond normal levels.
This perk allows you to move faster.
How many layers can you use on a custom emblem?
You receive the _______ medal once you capture a base in Domination.
8+ rapid kills earns you the _____ ______ medal.
6 Rapid Kills earns you the ___ ______ medal.
If you kill an enemy with their own weapon you receive a ________ medal.
Destroying an enemy UAV earns you a _____ medal.
You are _______ _______ if you are infected first.
There are 5 _____ _____ on each string connecting the turtle statue on the building at Retreat.
How many glasses and wine bottles are in bar at Retreat?
The name of the upstairs room at Retreat isThe ______ _______.
The name of the company at Solar is ______.
Every car has the same liscense plate at Solar. What does it say?
This scorestreak can only be used at Solar.
What is the name of the African American male that you can use as your character?
Bio Lab is located in the ____________ District.
There are 5 _______ floating slowly around Bio Lab.

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