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Exists on both Earth and Hovering Squid World 7-A
Ndnda (spelling?) is his wife
Steals all of Fry's breakdance moves
Sewer dweller, wears a hat, 'You're pullin' me!'
Name of Fry when Bender is captain of the Planet Express
The name of the trust-worthy (in Zap's eyes) recruit to the Nimbus who steals a data CD
Planet Express employee, reads National Pornographic
Leader of the Harlem Globetrotters, helps Farnsworth solve the 'slipping time' problem
Name of The Awesome Express' plan to get rid of Planet Express
Cloned for a growth on someone's back
The Christmas holiday character
The African-American holiday character
The Jewish holiday character (Hannuka)
Leela's handsome, yet mundane, date who 'fixes' her eye
Nickname of Scooty Puff Sr.
'Not just fast but from the past,' super hero
She beats you up, super hero
Bender's super hero identity
A seldom seen member of The Zookeeper's posse
The name of The Zookeeper's pet gorilla in his lair
Name of the Professor in a groovy, hippy alternate universe found in the Farnsworth Parabox
Female robot who has a crush on Bender, found on a hick's farm on the Moon
Also known as 'The Velour Fog'
The ultimate party worm! Works for Slurm Co.
Final question: Full name of the Planet Express employee who dies as a fat party animal, last words are 'Woo!' as air escapes his folds of fat.

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