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Can you name the Zelda Monsters?

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does not include bosses or mini bosses.
Bigger, Badder, Battier
Bigger, Badder, Manlier Bats
Fully armed and armored
Fire Breathing Scorpion who's last two syllables mean 'Lowder' in Japanese
Think lasers, lots of lasers
Skele-Fish, swim in lava and water
Sea jellies
Fears not the Sword... ZZZAAAP
Shadow Jellies
Essentially chickens
Firebreathing, Ax-Weilding Alligator Men
Dark Knights
Venus fly traps
They come in red or blue, they fall from the ceiling on 'spiderwebs'
Dimitri's kin
Knock Knock, Who's there? Your Doom
They are the blue masters
does not include bosses or mini bosses.
Fowl Knights
Fowl Aliens that breathe fire
Erect desert-dwelling centepedes
Return of the Mummy
Flying eye in the sky
Ghosts in the Graveyard who DON'T light the way
Mighty Wolf-like demons weilding a deadly boomerang
The Iron Fist of Darkness
Don't you hate those pesky bats?
Spinning Moles of the sand
AAAH! It ate my Shield!!!
The fastests little beetles you ever saw
Floating panther heads, yet another thing which breathes fire
Half Armidillo, Half Rat and very very bouncy
Scary centipedes
Experience Draining eyeball that packs a killer punch to boot
Mighty Pigs
Lizard warrior
does not include bosses or mini bosses.
Lionlike laser shooting pests
Rock-spitting fan-fave
Deadly Helicopters
Lantern weilding Ghosts
This flying insect-like PEST has two names, either one is right
Big bunny ears, hates sound
Braaaaaains... er... i mean... Heeeeeaaaarts...
After seeing this you will know the meaning of arachnaphobia
They can jump high and walk on water
Bat-like jelly.
They are the red masters
Magic wielding and evil to the tip of their hat
aint nothin but a hound dog... who wants to eat your hearts
Fire Breathin River fish

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