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How many of George Balanchine's ballets can you name?

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YearsTitleComposer/Notable Collaborator
1928Igor Stravinsky, Coco Chanel
1929Serge Diaghilev, Giorgio de Chirico
1929Sergei Prokofiev
1935Peter (Pyotr) Tchaikovsky
1937Igor Stravinsky
1941Johann Sebastian Bach, School of American Ballet
1941Peter (Pyotr) Tchaikovsky
1946Vittorio Rieti (based on Vincenzo Bellini), Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo
1946Paul Hindemith
1947Alexei Haieff
1947Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
1947Georges Bizet
1947 Peter (Pyotr) Tchaikovsky
1948Igor Stravinsky, Isamu Noguchi
1948Léon Minkus, Marius Petipa
1949Emmanuel Chabrier
1949/1970Igor Stravinsky, later Marc Chagall, Jerome Robbins
1950Leo Delibes
1951Jean Françaix
1951Maurice Ravel
1951Peter (Pyotr) Tchaikovsky
1952Jean Françaix
1952Riccardo Drigo, originally danced by Maria Tallchief
1952Paul Hindemith, inspired by Franz Kafka
1952Felix Mendelssohn, inspired by the Edinburgh Festival
1954Charles Ives
1954Peter (Pyotr) Tchaikovsky
1954Hershy Kay (arranging traditional American songs)
1955Alexander Glazounov
YearsTitleComposer/Notable Collaborator
1955Mikhail Glinka
1956Peter (Pyotr) Tchaikovsky, originally danced by Maria Tallchief
1956Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
1957Igor Stravinsky
1957Antonio Vivaldi, Arcangelo Corelli
1958Charles François Gounod, originally danced by Maria Tallchief
1958John Philip Sousa, Hershy Kay
1959Anton von Webern, initial collaboration with Martha Graham
1960Gaetano Donizetti
1960Johannes Brahms, text by Friedrich Daumer and Goethe
1960Igor Stravinsky
1960Peter (Pyotr) Tchaikovsky
1961Alexander Glazounov
1962Felix Mendelssohn, based on a play by William Shakespeare
1963Toshiro Mayuzumi
1963Peter (Pyotr) Tchaikovsky
1963Igor Stravinsky, originally danced by Suzanne Farrell, Jacques d'Amboise
1964Morton Gould
1964Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Hershy Kay
1965Nicolas Nabokov
1965Riccardo Drigo
1966Johannes Brahms, orchestrated by Arnold Schoenberg,
1967Mikhail Glinka
1967Gabriel Urbain Fauré, Igor Stravinsky, Peter (Pyotr) Tchaikovsky, inspired by Claude Arpels
1967Mikhail Glinka
1968Léo Delibes
1968Richard Rogers, Hershy Kay
1970Peter (Pyotr) Tchaikovsky
1970George Gershwin, Hershy Kay
YearsTitleComposer/Notable Collaborator
1972Igor Stravinsky
1972Igor Stravinsky
1972Igor Stravinsky, Jerome Robbins
1972Igor Stravinsky
1972Igor Stravinsky
1972Igor Stravinsky
1973Alexander Glazounov
1974Léo Delibes, based on a book by Charles Nuitter, after an E.T.A. Hoffmann piece
1974Pierre Henry
1975Maurice Ravel
1975Maurice Ravel
1975Maurice Ravel
1975Georges Bizet, based on a Hans Christian Anderson story
1975Maurice Ravel
1976Christoph Willibald Gluck
1976Hershy Kay (arranging traditional British and Scottish pieces)
1977Alexander Scriabin
1977Johann Strauss, Jr , Franz Lehar, Richard Strauss, costumes by Karinska
1978Giuseppe Verdi
1978Paul Hindemith
1979Richard Strauss, based on a Molière character
1980Gabriel Urbain Fauré, choreographed on Merrill Ashley
1980Robert Schumann, with setting inspired by Caspar David Friedrich, originally featured Suzanne Farrell and Peter Martin
1980Charles Gounod, based on part of Goethe's Faust
1981Peter (Pyotr) Tchaikovsky
1981Peter (Pyotr) Tchaikovsky (arranging Sophie Menters)
1981Peter (Pyotr) Tschaikovsky (arranging Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
1982Igor Stravinsky

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