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Who paralysed oracle?
According to Tim Burtons movie Batman Forever where did The Riddler work?
Who was batman's arch nemesis before he became who he is now?
What are Batman's thrown projectiles called?
Who is Mister Freeze's wife?
What item of chance dose Two face primarily use?
Which charchter runs Wayne enterprises?
What building where the Wayne's mugged outside of?
What was Park Row renamed after the Wayne murder?
Who murdered Bruce Wayne's parents?
Which acrobat team did Dick Grayson belong to?
In the regular universe, how many Robins have their been?
Who is Batman's trustworthy butler?
What comic did batman first appear in?
Other than Arkham Asylum, what is the other prison in the batman universe?
Who created batman?
Who is deadliest assasain in the DC universe?
What was Batman's fathers name?
Which fictional charchters is cannon to Christopher Nolans dark knight trilogy?
Who is Mayor of Gotham City?
What is batman's true identity?
Where did Harley Quinn and The Joker meet?
Where is the Bat-Cave located?
In the regular universe name Batman's primary love interest?
Who was commissioner before Gordon?

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