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Name of the episode
Victoria's last name
The process that gave portraits a 'sharp, reflective style, like a mirror'
Colour of the paint that splattered Victoria
'Go **** your _____'
The object you can save Alyssa from
The item you have to return to Warren
Juliet's last name
Chloe's license plate
The model name of Nathan's handgun
The song Max listens to in the hallway in the beginning of the episode
The name of Chloe's dead cat
The name of Chloe's dad
'You own this school. If I wanted, I could _______'
The phrase Max says that Chloe 'hasn't heard in a while'
The thing Max can take the blame for instead of Chloe
The date Rachel went missing
The model year of Warren's car
'Will bang 4 ____'
Max's voice actress
Chloe's voice actress
Warren's voice actor
Nathan's voice actor
Brooke's drone model
The name of the photography contest
The music that Chloe dances to
'Faster _____, Kill! Kill!'
The object Max can look at in Dana's room that upsets Dana
The date of Max's first journal entry
The peculiar weather event that occurs while Max and Chloe are at the lighthouse

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