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An apartment or dwelling situated on the roof of the building
An outbuilding containing a toilet, typically without plumbing
A building with a bar and other facilities for club members
A small shed for keeping poultry in
A kennel
A building for the storing of the frozen state of water
A station where firefighters and fire engines reside
A glass building in which plants that need protection from the cold are grown
A tower containing a beacon to assist in guiding or warning ships at sea
A small model of a house used by children to have their toys or playthings live in
A storehouse for goods and merchandising
A correctional institution used to detain people who are in lawful custody of the government
An insitution where paupers were maintained by public funds
A prison in which petty offenders are expected to work
A house in which a farmer lives attached to the farm
A place where animals are butchered
A small roofed building affording shade and rest, those who can maintain one reside here during this season as a second residence
A small house where smoke is used to cure meat and fish
A restaurant that specializes in serving this meat, Outback is an example of this
A shelter placed outdoors, often with seeds placed inside, for these winged animals to reside in
A structure built in branches for children to play in
A small restaurant where these beverages and snacks are sold. Baristas work here.
An inn providing meals, liquor, dancing, and sometimes gambling, one of Peter Griffin's catchphrases
A government building that houses the offices of county government
Traditional dwelling of Iroquois and other Native Americans
A pejorative term for an insane asylum
A less common term for an insane asylum
A building equipped with trick mirrors, shifting floors, and other devices used to scare or amuse people
A brothel
A less common term for a brothel

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