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Can you name the words that begin with 'sun-' based on simple clues?

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When sun first arrives
When sun leaves at nighttime
Strip that receives the most sun
Protection applied to the body from sun
Eye protection from sun
Parasol, awning, or umbrella giving protection from sun
Inflammation or blisters from sun
Brief appearance of sun
Panel in car for extra ventilation from sun
Someone who enjoys warm weather
Damage to plant tissue from sun
Sudden affection from exposure to sun
Lie in the sun
Room designed to let in much sunlight
Browning of skin
Patch on sun's surface
Toward the sun
Affected or touched by the sun
Clothing for children in hot weather
Substitute for sunlight
Flush seen in sky before sun arises
Not prone to fade in sunlight
Light, loose, sleeveless garment
Instrument that tells time
Part in yacht open to the sky
Arch created by sun shining through vapor or mist
Brim cotton hat to keep sun out of the eyes
Someone with dementia that worsens as the day progresses
Without the sun
BONUS: A lesser-known term for the Jerusalem artichoke

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