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DefinitionWord and Name
denoting unbolted wholewheat flour, or cookies or bread made from this.
shelter from wind or weather given by a neighboring object
the SI unit of inductance, equal to an electromotive force of one volt in a closed circuit with a uniform rate of change of current of one ampere per second
a toilet
a maker or repairer of casks and barrels
the head of a college or university faculty or department
an ordinary man
an animal of a small, hardy breed of Irish cattle
sexually aroused or excited
plural for a unit of linear measure equal to 5,280 feet, or 1,760 yards (approximately 1.609 kilometers)
a swift-flying, insectivorous songbird of the swallow family, typically having a less strongly forked tail than a swallow
persistently carry out attacks on (an enemy or an enemy's territory)
a male cat
a short, close-fitting jacket, worn by women and children in the early 19th century
a small cut or notch
Scottish terminology for a high mountain or mountain peak
take property unlawfully from a person or place by force or threat of force
a covered boxlike motor vehicle, typically having a rear door and sliding doors on the side panels, used for transporting goods or people
the faculty by which a person decides on an initiates action
the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination
a bird of the crow family with boldly patterned plumage, typically having blue feathers in the wings or tail
alternate spelling of abbreviation of the word microphone
slang for taking something illicitly
any of ten degrees of advanced proficiency in judo or karate
used as a mildly disrespectful or humorous form of address, esp. to a man or boy
DefinitionWord and Name
make a quick short movement up and down
a narrow valley
each of the lines in which light (and heat) may seem to stream from the sun or any luminous body, or pass through a small opening
a young marsupial
a steep rock face, esp. at the edge of the sea
informal for all right; satisfactory
a person who defeats an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition
vulgar slang for a man's genitalia
informal term for a man
money owed for goods supplied or services rendered
as great, high, or intense as possible or permitted, shortened variant
a wrestling hold in which one arm is passed under the opponent's arm from behind and the hand is applied to the neck or both arms and hands are applied
exhaust; wear out
a compact knoblike growth on a plant that develops into a leaf, flower, or shoot
a coil or skein of yarn, hair, rope, or other material
something that is usual, typical, or standard
make (a visible impression or stain) on
a British nobleman ranking above a viscount and below a marquess
turn over and spread out (grass, hay, or straw) to dry or for bedding
open, honest, and direct in speech or writing
the system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and may enforce by the imposition of penalties
a person who browns animal hides, esp. to earn a living
a builder or worker in stone
a stack of hay, corn, straw, or similar material

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