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Can you fill in the blanks, all of which are vulgarities in Eminem lyrics?

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'Some receptionist at The Source who answers phones at his desk has an ___ for me...''Like Toy Soldiers'
'But I'll never say the L word again, l-l-l-l-___!''So Much Better'
'But player-haters turning b**ch like they have ___''Rock Bottom'
'He better come cleaner than Jeru ___ __ when he showers''313'
'Jumped behind the door, put the ___ on hold...''Role Model'
'Let them ___ talk, take it with a grain of salt...''Guts Over Fear'
'Percolator of this party, be my p*nis ___ later''Fast Lane' (by Bad Meets Evil)
'Walked in the strip club, had my jacket zipped up, flashed the bartender, and stuck my ___ in the tip cup''My Name Is'
'Guess I'm just a sick, sick ___ who's one sandwich short of a picnic basket''C** on Everybody'
'Don't you know what ___ means? Yeah, well then tell me...''Insane'
'Two bottles of Lubriderm and a box of condoms, is that all you brought? And you want a m***** * *****, you ___?''Despicable'
'F*** it, I quit, suck on a d**k, ___''The Re-Up'
'Plus, I was put here to put fear in f*ggots who spray Faygo root beer and call themselves clowns 'cause they look ___''Marshall Mathers'
'Wouldn't sugarcoat a f***ing booger though, just to wipe that b**ch on a ___ coat.''Baby'
'You just lost your tip, there's a ___ hair in my breakfast''Low Down, Dirty'
'Happy as Anderson Cooper having a tuba crammed in his ___ with lubricant.''The Shady Cxvpher'
'Always pulling devices out your purse, little v*brators and ___''Crazy in Love'
'Little does he know, his train is derailing and he's about to be r*ped by this game ___''Cocaine'
'But you've got a ___ for me, what you hollering my name for?''Seduction'
'Put anthrax on a ___ and slap you 'til you can't stand.''Superman'
'How you ___ feel knowing you're disposable?''Won't Back Down'
'I hate overalls 'cause they remind me of h**s, for ___ sake, they're shaped like an H...''Symphony in H'
'But if we can ___ dead animals and antelopes, then there's no reason that a man and another man can't elope''Real Slim Shady'
'So I promised the f***ing critics I wouldn't say ___ for six minutes''Remember Me?'
'So I'm bringing my ___, Proof for backup when I sing at my gig''Biterphobia'

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