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Can you name all of the vulgarities said in the chat, 2001: A Wigger Duck Odyssey?

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QuoteVulgaritySaid by
'You ___.'Trey
'Cunfeused as ___'Peter
'What the ___ have we been talking about?'Noah
'It's a yes, ___'Peter
'Well ___.'Trey
'I need to pay more ___ attention.'Trey
'Probably watching ___.'Peter
'What a ___.'Trey
'The ___?'Noah
'While I add 'the ___?' to the quiz.'Trey
'Eat a ___.'Noah
'Lemme just add 'eat a ___' to the quiz.'Trey
'___ naw.'Peter
'I'll see you ___ tomorrow at one.'Trey
'Ah, ___.'Trey
'No ___ around.'Trey
'No ___ off'Peter
'Because why not just ___ everything up?'Trey
'You're a lying sack of ___, Strokes'Trey
'It's a rad ___ name.'Noah
'Shut your mouth, I'm ___ off.'Trey
'You're an ___.'Noah
'I don't ___ remember.'Noah
'Jesus ___ Christ.'Noah
'Every ___ day.'Noah
QuoteVulgaritySaid by
'Horse ___'Noah
'Prove it, ___.'Noah
So ___ what?'Noah
'Ron Swanson is such an ___.'Peter
'And Peter's not an ___ and goes along with it when I tell other people.'Noah
'Eric needs to schedule some ___ practices.'Peter
'You ___ fraud.'Trey
'___ it.'Peter
'He's such a whiny ___.'Trey
'Just to overcompensate for my tiny ___.'Trey
'___ you guys, I'm out.'Noah
'Naw, Peta, yo ___ friends ain't comin' over.'Trey
'Shut your ___ mouth.'Noah
'Go ___ yourself.'Noah
'___ all.'Trey
'But that Peter ___.'Noah
'It really is one ___ up...'Trey
'Ur a baga___'Noah
'Suk mee awf ___.'Trey
'___ French.'Noah
'I'd say there's a pretty good chance I'll ___ it up with Katy somehow.'Noah
'You're the smoothest ___ I know.'Trey
'Because I'm trying to ___ make you feel better.'Noah
'Put a ___ shirt on.'Peter
'Yells 'get the ___ out of my house'Allen
QuoteVulgaritySaid by
'___ yes.'Peter
'___ straight.'Allen
'So is not being a ___.'Peter
'Allen sure is a ___.'Peter
'Peter ___ a you, I didn't tell him.'Allen
'I think it's just because you have a raging food ___ for both of them'Peter
'I think you just have a raging real ____ for horses'Trey
'You horse-____.'Trey
'Achoo ___.'Noah
'*'70s ___ music'Trey
'God ___...'Peter
'...___ it, Noah.'Peter
'___ no.'Peter
'___ this.'Peter
'Well ___...'Peter
'...my ___...'Peter
'...___ with a...'Peter
'...___ tire wrench.'Peter
'So ___ good.'Peter
'Well, I'll be ___.'Trey
'You really ___ up the scene where I wake up in the garbage'Peter
'You can't run from me, ___.'Trey
'Not quite as good as chaps my ___ though.'Trey

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