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Forced Order
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Imma spit on your grave and engrave a dick on it!
Hold on, Holy ghost, Go on, hold me close
Watch as we all fall apart
You look to me to find the truth and what i say is what you do
Don't make me hate you or i'll do the Michael Jackson and I'm gon' rape you
It's Johnny 3, Johnny sees what Johnny needs
Run this town like a spinner on a track
Smoke this joint with me, get high off Funny's weed
So anybody froze in the alley of scars, mama what you think you wasn't swimmin' with sharks?
I'm so icy, like ice cream, all you ladies take a scoop and try to bite me
You need to slit your wrist get pissed and go jump off a bridge
Three were preppy and on was scene, so three for me and one for Charlie
These lies are leading me astray, it's too much for me to stay
Who dat who dat knockin' on the window? Its Funny, J-Dog smokin' up the indo!
You can hide beneath the covers while i hide behind the pain
WELCOME! To the world you see, an AK with a couple magazines!
As i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i wear my crown of thorns and pull this knife out my chest
Check the brand, it's called Funny Delicious!
You'll be picking up your teeth straight off of the ground, I'm a switch blade shake, you know how word gets around
You're mad at the fact that your dad is an addict, your friend takes pills, he thinks it cures sadness
You know that I can take you straight to heaven if you let me!
Got you down on bending knee, what should my next weapon be? Dead wrong i guess you'll be, just sleep now, rest in peace
Freeze, at ease, let Funny Man bang on these keys!
This strife, it dies, this life and these lives
So when you bury me man, you better bury me deep and sing along to this song 'cause you're broken like me
It starts with my dick in your mouth
I'm the reason you cam here, I'm the American tragedy!
So if i survive then i'll see you tomorrow, yea I'll see you tomorrow
I smoke the douj when i chill with the cholos and y'all smoke pole cause you're chillin' with homos
If we don't make it. we'll take it, if it ain't real then we'll fake it, open your mouth and I'll break it
Every step's another step you're walkin' on my dream every breathe's another breathe you're breathin' when i breathe
Wake up; grab beer, grab rear, shave beard, put on some scene gear
Couldn't pay my rent, money was lent
Don't invite scene over he pees at sleep overs, he asked your sister out just so he could cheat on her
If i could take it all back, before the flags were forced to wave at half mast
I'm bent, I'm not broken, come live in my life
I'm not just a man with these broken dreams, even i could go to heaven f i part the sea, so
My heart beat stumbles and my back bone crumbles, i feel is it real as the lynch mob stumbles
As my body lies here broken, and i'm carried through the light, now my heart is finally open, just let me die
SICK with MYSELF but i've got NO ONE ELSE so i GIVE It to myself, it's the ONLY THING that helps
Can't stop, won't stop Funny make the booty drop
'Cause i'm sick with a dick thick like a coke can
You know we got the plan hold up, pointin' at your head
I just can't escape it's like you're here with me now, but the words you say they always seem to fade out
I won't breathe unless you breathe, won't bleed unless you bleed, won't be unless you be till i'm gone and i can sleep
I ain't tryna go home with nada, nada, we can hit the dance floor when you wanna, wanna
I always pray, i never change, it seems to be we're all to blame
so watch my chest heave as this last breath leaves me, i am trying to be what you're dying to see
It's christmas in hollywood, santa's back up in the hood
Oh no how'd i sink so low, ain't got the patients i need my medication
you got the motha' f**kin' right to remain violent!
And when you look in my eyes i'll be the last thing you'll see
My clothes are always retro, sexual like im hetero and i play a bitch like nintendo (ZELDA)
my body doused in ash with two empty cans of gas, the only evidence they have is the police sketch of my mask
Dick like hulk yeah they call me incredible
All together walk alone against all we've ever known
I'm only evil when i need to be but you did this so easily
Imma role your crew up like a fat ass roach and put you in my ash tray 'cause you just got smoked!
If i went out the backdoor nobody would stop me, but where would i go?
Now it's time to meet your maker hear the tollin of the bell, ****' kill you again, when i see you in hell, bitch!
and the Funny Man ain't African he's mexican
Six Caucasians hell raizin', blazin', makin' zero pay
Speakin' of fags, already rapped with the drags, we killed him then we stuffed his body in the Cadillac
I know you have cause that ****'s the bomb, my dick's got more friends than tom

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