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Wanted to bury his father
Physically healed by the island
Wants to find the man who conned his parents
Iraqi soldier and torturer
Won the lottery
South Korean man
South Korean woman
On the plane with a marshall
Taking his son to Los Angeles permanently
Youngest middle-section survivor
Only non-human survivor of Oceanic Flight 815
Dies from falling inside another plane
Conned her step-brother
Never lost faith about her husband being alive
Pregnant australian woman
Pregnant australian woman's son
Lead singer of 'Drive Shaft'
Has hives
Murdered by an other, name often confused
Name often confused
Dead body inside Oceanic 815
U.S. Marshall
Grade 9 Science Teacher blew up by dynamite
Buried alive next to her boyfriend
Buried alive next to his girlfriend
Leader of the tail-section survivors
Died soon after being shot twice
African Priest
Only surviving employee of the crash
Only on the plane in the flash-sideways
Pilot of Oceanic Flight 815
Tail-section survivor boy
Tail-section survivor girl
Shot by a flaming arrow
Drowned on the morning of the 6th day
Sucked into the planes turbine
Falsely thought to of not been on the plane
Died of an infection of a broken leg
Can take over the form of dead people
Dead body inside another plane
Pretends to be a middle-section survivor
Pretends to be a tail-section survivor
Would have been the pilot if he wasn't hungover
Wore a fake beard
Wants the world to believe the plane fell in the ocean
Married to a Scotsman
Purposely Blew himself up
Leader of the Others
Killed in a detonation
Con man who pushed his son out of a window
Island's first protector
Gave birth to twins
Dies soon after having a knife thrown in her back
Shot by his mother before he was born
Died due to too many time-traveling
Met his father before he was born
French woman
French woman's daughter
French woman's daughter's boyfriend
Murdered an innocent girl
Woman who can predict the future
Leader of the DHARMA Initiative
Stabbed by a metal rod
DHARMA Initiative theoretical astrophysicist
Accidentally blew herself up
Only existed in the flash sideways
Looks like a Beatle
Master of the Temple
Mother of a baby son
Father of a baby son
Bossy DHARMA Initiative member
Wears a lot of eyeliner

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