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The ForestArabic
Land of Persian TigersPersian
Land of NothingNama
Land of the People of the Accelerating RiverGreek and [Native Language]
New Land of SeaDutch
Platoon[Native Language]
White MountainKikuyu
Holy Center[Native Language]
Land of the PomegranateFrench from Spanish from Arabic
East EastMalay and Portuguese
Bearded OnesPortuguese
King of the Kaabu RiverMandingo and Wolof
Wallace or Muddy Water or BeaconSpanish or Mayan or French
Land of the People of Eternal Sky Fire[Native Language]
Mountainous LandTaíno
Old and BeardedSpanish
Land of Honest MenMossi and Dyula
Land of the Created PeopleArabic
Black MountainItalian
Lion MountainsSpanish from Portuguese
Our CanoeWolof
Lands of PhilipSpanish
Palace IslandsSanskrit
Sun's OriginItalian
Land of the BlacksArabic
Expanse of LandKinyarwanda
I go to the Beach[Native Language]
Place of MudGothic
House of StonesShona
Tall OnesGreek
White Russia[Native Language]
Green CapePortuguese
Home of the Soul of the OpenerLatin from Greek
Land of Running Water and Land of the DukeLatin and German/Serbo-Croatian
Land of the PurePersian
Many TreesNahuatl
Saint Thomas and the PrincePortuguese
Right Hand SideArabic
Land of People[Native Language]
The SaviorSpanish
Land of Nomads[Native Language] and Persian
Land of the Cattle Herders[Native Language]
St. Christopher and the SnowSpanish
Home of VexationPortuguese from Itsekiri from Yoruba
Little VeniceItalian
Land of Red TreesPortuguese from Latin
Land of Descendants of KambuFrench from Sanskrit
Land of the Free PeopleProto-Germanic
Land of RundiRundi
Land of the Helmand RiverLatin
Country of the Kingdom of the Sun God[Native Language] from Austric
Warrior KingMande
Temple of A-MaCantonese
Light StoneGerman
Hallowed PlaceArabic
Fertile LandTaíno
Land of Shaken PeopleTurkic
Free LandLatin
Land of the WolvesPersian
Land of BolívarLatin
Land of the Flat Island and the Black CoastArabic
Land of Open Fields[Native Language]
Land of ThothGreek
Land of Flowing WaterTuareg, Latin
Bull LandGreek
Holy IslandSanskrit
Land of the Narrow PeopleProto-Indo-European
Land of the Swollen PeopleLatin from Celtic
Low BordersProto-Indo-European
Eight Islands[Native Language]
Land of RowersSlavic
Aztec HomelandNahuatl
Land of the BrokenLatin from Gaelic
Land of PeoplePortuguese from Kongo
Land of IceNorse
Foot of the MountainSanskrit
Land of AtropatesPersian
Land of a Million ElephantsIndian from Chinese
Flowing WaterTuareg
Land of Many WatersUnknown
Alliance of Ten TribesTurkic
Fragrant HarborCantonese
Land of ArmenioiGreek
Fortress Near the WaterArabic
Eastern RealmGerman
Burning LandAlemannic
Two SeasArabic
Indian IslandsGreek
Land of the FreeProto-Indo-European
Prophesied CityItalian
Land of the PashtunsPersian
Land of the Desert of ConstellationsArabic
Land of RestBerber
End of TibetSanskrit
God PersistsGreek
Of the BlackbirdSerbian
Place of Many FishCueva
Land of Forty TribesPersian
South GuangdongChinese
Land of Mussa Ben MbikiArabic
Warrior KingMande
Fertile PlaceProto-Celtic
One's Own PeopleProto-Indo-European
Brothers and Sisters of GodSwahili
Cold LandQuechua
White LandLatin
Shrimp RiverFrench from German from English from Portuguese
Beautiful PortLatin and Greek
Indirect Reply[Native Language]
Land of MoorsLatin
Our Land[Native Language]
Land of the Red SeaItalian from Latin from Greek
Land of Those Who Speak MeaningfullyLatin from Greek from Proto-Slavic
The ShallowsSpanish
Northern WayNorse
East LandDanish from Proto-Germanic
Little CastleGermanic
Look-out[Native Language]
Land of GodBerber
Saint MarinusItalian
Land of the Burnt-FacedLatin from Greek
Ivory CoastFrench
Land of the Pure TurksPersian
Land of the FreeTurkic
Fire Flames?
Land of WanderersNorse from Proto-Germanic
HennaGreek from Arabic
Lion CityMalay from Sanskrit
Of SilverSpanish from Latin
Land of Qin[Native Language]
Land of BamarBurmese
The Holy Trinity and TobaccoSpanish
Equal CountrySetswana
Islands of the MoonArabic
Southern LandLatin
Lofty CenterChinese
Land of the Indus RiverGreek
Land of NeighborsLatin
Small IslandsGreek
Crowned RiverGuarani
Land of the Shellfish RiverGuaraní
City of the Western WorldIberian
Land of ColumbusSpanish
Land of the River of Good Omens[Native Language]
Land of the HumansSesotho
Land of Wood and WaterTaíno
Terraced BayChinese
Old LandProto-Indo-European
Low Country[Native Language]
Union of CouncilsRussian
Rich CoastSpanish
Land of IslandsLatin from French from Arabic
Sunday IslandLatin from Spanish

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