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Forced Order
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Question Answer
Who is the Executive Producer?
Who is the Director?
Who is the Writer?
What is the name of the main character?
Who is his fiancée?
What is the name of her mother?
What is the name of his best friend?
Who is his 'adopted' neighbor?
Who is Chris R.?
In what city does 'The Room' take place?
Where does Johnny work?
What does Johnny order at the flower shop?
What kind of 'doggy' is sitting on the counter there?
What disease does Lisa's mother definitely have?
Question Answer
A picture of what item is framed next to the phone?
What is a favorite pastime of all the guys in the movie?
In one scene, all four men are wearing what while engaging in this pastime?
Peter is Johnny's what?
You're __________________, Lisa!
What mixed drink does Lisa make for Johnny?
How do the characters most often greet each other?
Leave your stupid comments ___________.
What landmark appears multiple time as a panning shot between scene?
In alphabetical order, what four ingredients (not including cheese) does Lisa order on the pizza?
How many years have Johnny and Lisa been together?
How many sex scenes are there in 'The Room?'
What does Johnny throw out the window?

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