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Don't Break the Oath, MelissaHeavy Metal
Reek of Putrefaction, HeartworkDeath Metal, Grindcore
Master of Puppets, Ride the LightningThrash Metal
In the Nightside Eclipse, IX EquilibriumSymphonic Black Metal
Scum, Harmony Corruption, Utopia BanishedDeath Metal, Grindcore
Paranoid, Heaven and Hell, TyrDoom Metal, Heavy Metal
Reign in Blood, South of HeavenThrash Metal
Ace of Spaces, Overkill, OrgasmatronHeavy Metal
Legacy of Kings, Crimson Thunder, InfectedPower Metal
Sign of the Hammer, Battle HymnsHeavy Metal, Power Metal
Screaming for Vengeance, Sin After Sin, British SteelHeavy Metal
Hammerheart, Blood Fire Death, Nordland IBlack Metal, Viking Metal
I.N.R.I., The Laws of Scourge, HateBlack Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal
Blessed are the Sick, Covenant, Altars of MadnessDeath Metal
Bonded By Blood, Pleasures of the FleshThrash Metal
Forest of Equilibrium, EndtymeDoom Metal, Stoner Metal
Clandestine, Wolverine Blues, InfernoDeath Metal, Death 'n' Roll
Rust in Peace, Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?Thrash Metal
De Myteriis Dom Sathanas, DeathcrushBlack Metal
Killers, Piece of Mind, Number of the BeastNWOBHM
Dark Medieval Times, Nemesis DivinaBlack Metal
Gutter Ballet, Sirens, Poets and MadmenPower Metal, Progressive Metal
Day of Reckoning, Be ForwarnedDoom Metal
The Legacy, Souls of Black, The RitualThrash Metal
Seven Churches, Beyond the GatesDeath Metal / Thrash Metal
Visions, Twilight Time, ElysiumPower Metal
Transilvanian Hunger, Under a Funeral MoonBlack Metal
To Mega Therion, Emperor's Return, Vanity/NemesisThrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal
At War With Satan, Welcome to Hell, Black MetalNWOBHM, Speed Metal, Black Metal
At the Heart of Winter, Blizzard Beasts, Battles in the NorthBlack Metal
Human, Leprosy, Scream Bloody GoreDeath Metal, Progressive Death Metal
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, Tales of CreationEpic Doom Metal
Images and Words, Awake, Black Clouds and Silver LiningsProgressive Metal
Slow, Deep and Hard, Bloody KissesGothic Metal, Doom Metal
The Time of the Oath, Walls of JerichoPower Metal, Speed Metal
Night of the Stormrider, Burnt Offerings, DystopiaPower Metal
Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, Det Som Engang VarBlack Metal
Endless Pain, Coma of Souls, Pleasure to KillThrash Metal
Whoracle, The Jester Race, ClaymanMelodic Death Metal
Blackwater Park, Orchid, My Arms Your HearseProgressive Death Metal
Age of Consent, Invictus, Noble SavagePower Metal
Tomb of the Mutilated, Butchered at Birth, VileDeath Metal
The Last in Line, Holy DiverHeavy Metal, Power Metal
Legion, Once Upon the CrossDeath Metal
Fistful of Metal, Among the LivingThrash Metal
ElvenefrisProgressive Brutal Death Metal
The Red in the Sky is Ours, Slaughter of the SoulMelodic Death Metal
Imaginations From the Other Side, Follow the Blind, Somewhere Far BeyondPower Metal
Ruun, Isa, Frost, Eld, BlodhemnProgressve Black Metal, Viking Metal
Pentagram, Antichrist, Under the Sign of HellBlack Metal
Legendary Tales, Power of the DragonflamePower Metal
Awake, Schizophrenic, Beneath the RemainsThrash Metal
Wheels of Steel, Denim and Leather, CrusaderNWOBHM, Heavy Metal
Turn Loose the Swans, Like Gods of the Sun, As the Flower WithersDoom/Death, Gothic Metal
The Divine Wings of Tragedy, Iconoclast, The OdysseyProgressive Metal
Nattens Madrigal, Kveldssanger, BergtattBlack Metal, Folk, Electronic, Ambient
Gothic, Icon, Draconian Times, One SecondDoom/Death, Gothic Metal
Angels Fall First, Century Child, WishmasterSymphonic Power Metal
Rage for Order, Operation: MindcrimeHeavy Metal, Progressive Rock
Heading for Tomorrow, Sigh No More, Land of the FreePower Metal, Speed Metal

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