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Can you name the Losing Vice Presidential Nominees Since 1900?

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YearVP NomineePresidential Nominee
1900William Jennings Bryan
1904Alton B. Parker
1908William Jennings Bryan
1912Theodore Roosevelt
1912William Taft
1916Charles Evans Hughes
1920James Cox
1924John Davis
1928Al Smith
1932Herbert Hoover
1936Alf Landon
1940Wendell Willkie
1944Thomas Dewey
1948Thomas Dewey
1948Strom Thurmond
1952Adlai Stevenson
1956Adlai Stevenson
YearVP NomineePresidential Nominee
1960Richard Nixon
1964Barry Goldwater
1968Hubert Humphrey
1968George Wallace
1972George McGovern
1976Gerald Ford
1980Jimmy Carter
1980John Anderson
1984Walter Mondale
1988Michael Dukakis
1992George H.W. Bush
1992H. Ross Perot
1996Robert Dole
2000Albert Gore
2000Ralph Nader
2004John Kerry
2008John McCain

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