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Can you name the Kingsguard members who served under the following kings from A Song of Ice and Fire?

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Aerys II Targaryen
Lord Commander

A Prince of Dorne who died at the battle of the Trident 
Nicknamed the Bold

Known for his dark humor and was killed at the Tower of Joy 
Sword of the Morning

Died at the battle of the Trident


Robert Baratheon
Lord Commander

One of two Kingsguard to survive the War of the Usurper 
Ultimately killed by Areo Hotah in Dorne

Later considered by Sansa to be the worst member of the Kingsguard 
Considered by Jaime to be, after himself the most dangerous Kingsguard 
Battles Syrio Forel

Described as treating Sansa Stark as a lackwit child during her beatings 
Joffrey Baratheon
Forced to resign due to old age

Loses sword hand

Sent with Myrcella to Dorne

Removed for surrendering Prince Tommen

Killed by Podrick Payne

Used by Joffrey to beat Sansa Stark

Killed by rioters in King's Landing

Only Kingsguard not to be a Knight

An agent of Petyr Baelish

Currently hunting for Ser Gerold Dayne in Dorne

Was a member of Renly's Rainbow Guard

Tommen Baratheon
Lord Commander

Seduced into helping a failed coup by Arianne Martell 
Scorned by Jaime Lannister for his actions toward Sansa Stark 
Currently imprisoned for sleeping with Cersei

Sent to Dorne to bring Prince Doran Martell the head of Ser Gregor Clegane 
Reinstated after The Hound deserted

Knight of Flowers

Rumored to be Gregor Clegane


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