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HintAnswerStar Wars
Who played Luke Skywalker?
What planet was blocking the Death Star's path to destroy Yavin IV
What species is Wicket?
Who was Qui-Gon Jinn's master excluding Yoda?
What specis was the creature that kidnapped Luke on hoth?
What planet was the Grand Army of the Republic created?
What is the name of the character who owns a dinner on Coruscant and an old friend of Obi-wan
What planet did Yoda go to live in his exile?
Who was the voice of Darth Vader?
HintAnswerStar Wars
What was the name of Luke's Aunt on Tatooine?
What species is the creature under Jabba's Palace?
Who was Darth Sidious' master?
What is the species of Jar Jar Binks?
Who killed Zam Wesell?
Where does Obi-wan face General Grievous?
Who was Obi-wan's Astromech Droid?
What order did Chancellor Palpatine Issue for the eradication of the Jedi Knight?
Who raised Princess Leia as her father?

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